Art Gallery Exhibits

Forests of Thoughts: Elevation of the Ordinary

Installation and Immersion Experience by Artists: Liana Gonzalez and Thomas Smith

Exhibition Dates: Friday, May 24-Sunday, June 30, 2024

Opening reception: Friday, May 24, 6-8pm

Forests of Thoughts: Elevation of the Ordinary will feature artists and recent Cleveland Institute of Art graduates, Liana Gonzalez and Thomas Smith. The show will be a through line from the end of of their academic career to the present as they are learning to create, collaborate, and exhibit in their post grad lives. The works featured will be built on the foundation of both Liana’s and Thomas’ individual BFA thesis presentations. Those concepts are reimagined, built on, and most importantly integrated to create an immersive experience for viewers. The artists use of familiar, ordinary objects while incorporating the natural world will draw in the viewer. While many aspects of the exhibit will feel familiar the installation will challenge how one identifies with those objects when they are used or placed in a different context. This will be the first full immersive installation in the Feinberg Gallery; it will be exciting to see the space reimagined through the eyes of these emerging artists. This exhibit is part of an ongoing collaboration between Cain Park and The Cleveland Institute of Art; both institutions are striving to keep the arts in the Greater Cleveland Area relevant, accessible, and thriving.



Home is Where the Art Is: A Celebration of the Cleveland Heights Artistic Community

Featuring Works by Artists Residing in Cleveland Heights

Curator: Michelle Barnicky Stachnik

Exhibition Dates: Friday, July 12-Friday, August 30, 2024

Closing Reception: Friday, August 30, 6-8pm

The Feinberg Art Gallery is proud to exhibit and celebrate the artists living, creating, and engaging in the City of Cleveland Heights. This will be the first exhibit the Feinberg Gallery is dedicating to the visual artists who make the City an exciting hub for the arts. Cain Park’s celebration of all artistic forms is the perfect venue to bring together the citizens who value the significant impact the arts and artists have in a community.

This juried exhibit will feature artists of all backgrounds and disciplines; the only requirement is the artist needs to be a current resident of Cleveland Heights. It will be exciting to see the intertwining of works; many different threads weaving together to form the tapestry that makes Cain Park and City of Cleveland Heights a rich, inclusive, and thriving arts community.

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