Mister C


Are you ready for some hair-raising science, toe-tapping music, and mind-blowing media? Join Mister C for an amazing day of learning in the lab! Mister C is no stranger to finding exciting and engaging ways to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in our everyday lives. Mister C is a 20-year educator whose sole mission is to transform how everyone feels and thinks about learning. Students and teachers will be amazed by this fun and educational series as Mister C uses humor, media, and the engineering design process to make the ordinary EXTRAordinary! 


Kevin Cornell, aka Mister C, is a 17+ year veteran educator. He has enjoyed his time as a classroom teacher focusing on Science and ELA, a curriculum coach, a building principal, a curriculum supervisor, and an HR director. Inspired by his passion for learning, he left his work in school districts in 2017 behind to pursue his endeavors as an independent education consultant and build Mister C, LLC into what you see today. Mister C, LLC provides professional development for educators, live STEAM shows and events, and produces educational media for learners of all ages in Ohio, throughout the country, in person, on television, and online. Kevin Cornell is also available as a keynote speaker and loves to share his insights on not only the importance of learning but also HOW to get students excited about their education

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