The Numbers Band with Ernie Krivda

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15 60 75 The Numbers Band will be leaning on their jazz material for their Arts Festival show.  Robert Kidney and Ernie Krivda and the band have worked together often in the last eight years.  With the addition of Krivda's tenor saxophone, there will be three horns in the section in addition to keyboards, guitar, drums and bass. Numbers Band members include Robert Kidney (vocalist, guitar), Jack Kidney (harmonica, tenor sax, keyboard, guitar, vocalist), Terry Hynde (alto sax, soprano sax, keyboard), Bill Watson (stand up bass, electric bass), and Clint Alguire (drums).

The band has been described as "shape shifting" because of its ability to leap from one genre to another, evading easy definition. Now in its 48th year, they have been playing original music music since its inception.  15 60 75 has played in the Royal Festival Hall in London. Robert and Jack Kidney have toured England and Holland and worked with Clevelander David Thomas of Pere Ubu. They are written about in the Greil Marcus book, "The Shape of Things to Come."

Current band lineup is: Robert and Jack Kidney, Terry Hynde (Chrissie Hynde's brother), Bill Watson, and Clint Alguire.

Robert Kidney and Ernie Krivda have both been awarded the Cleveland Arts Prize for their long-term involvement in the Cleveland music community and superior achievements in music. 

Image of Ernie Krivda

“No doubt about it, Ernie Krivda is one of the originals of the tenor saxophone” wrote Bill Donaldson for Cadence Magazine about the legendary jazz musician whose sixth decade on the music scene is already filled with a variety of accomplishments.

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