Theater Etiquette

Smoke-Free Park

State law prohibits smoking in Cain Park. Smoking is only allowed outside the park entrances. 

Audience Conduct

Depending on the audience and type of event, standing during a concert may be accepted as normal. Many artists will instruct Cain Park staff not to ask anyone to sit down during their performance. Each situation is handled on an individual basis. 

As a courtesy to the performers and those seated around you, please silence all cell phones, smartphones, pagers, and watches with alarms prior to the performance and again after intermission. 

Disturbing fellow patrons by loud conversation or otherwise inappropriate behavior is not permitted and may result in removal from the event without a refund.

Late Seating

We make every effort to start Cain Park events on time - so please allow ample time for travel, parking, and walking the well-lit pathways into the park. But if in spite of your good intentions, you arrive after the performance has started, you will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager. Cain Park accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience.

Photos / Recording Devices

Most performer's contracts prohibit the use of cameras and recording devices of any type. All cameras and recording devices may be checked at the Ticket Office for pick-up following the concert. If the performer welcomes or encourages photography and/or recording during their concert, Cain Park will follow their wishes.

Prohibited Items

  • Please be aware of these policy changes for 2021.
    • No outside food is allowed to be brought into the theater this season. Guests can picnic on the grassy areas in the park prior to the performance; however, alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Ohio state law and local ordinance prohibit bringing your own alcoholic beverages to Cain Park. Those picnicking are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and returning any picnic baskets, coolers, etc. to their vehicle before entering the theater.
    • One sealed water bottle or one travel beverage container per person allowed in the theater. No alcoholic beverages can be brought in with you.
    • Food and alcoholic beverages are available for sale inside the venue and may be consumed inside the theater gates. We strongly encourage all guests to clean up their own refuse.
  • Items not permitted: bringing your own alcoholic beverages, glass items of any kind, pets*, cameras, recording devices of any type, candles (including incense or any type of burning insect repellant). You will be asked to return any unauthorized items to your vehicle or you can check them in at the Main Ticket Office and pick them up at the end of the concert or performance. Cain Park assumes no risk for these items.
  • Lawn chairs are not permitted on the front part of the lawn seating area. They are only permitted in the designated location at the back of the lawn seating area.
  • Picnic Box Dinners can be pre-ordered up to 48 hours prior to the event by calling the Cain Park Ticket Office. Please remember the Ticket Office is closed on Mondays and opens at 5pm on Tuesdays.

*With the exception of service animals assisting disabled patrons, pets are not permitted.