Contact Us

How Colleagues, Patrons & Artists Can Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Cain Park
c/o Cleveland Heights City Hall
40 Severance Circle
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Please use the mailing address for mailing items, not our physical address.

For Use With GPS and Online Mapping Only:
14591 Superior Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Office Numbers

  • Cain Park Administrative and Ticket Offices is open May through August only
  • Fax: 216-371-6995

Performing at Cain Park

Please mail, or email a press kit including a CD, DVD or video to Cain Park General Manager Ian Hinzn for his review.

Group Sales Numbers

  • Phone number: 216-291-5792 (September through March)

Sponsorship Number

  • Phone number: 216-291-2854

Arts Festival Number

  • Phone number: 216-291-3669