Gallery Exhibit 2: Take My Hand

This exhibit will continue the collaboration between the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Feinberg Art Gallery. In this fourth installment, the growth of this partnership will be not only be displayed on the walls of the gallery but behind the scenes. Every year we continue to mentor and foster these budding young artists by providing them with professional gallery space and the stepping stone in exhibiting outside their school/studio settings. Our collaboration has evolved from just exhibiting students to having a student curator learning the ins and outs of putting an exhibit together, designing the PR materials, and participating  in community engagement during the Arts Festival.

The theme “Take My Hand” is about the journey an artist takes from being a student to the conscious decision to produce art as a career. The choice in attending art school then art as a career is leap. That leap requires someone to be at the other end with an extended hand. Art and artists cannot and do not survive in a bubble; their validity takes participation and nurturing from others. At its heart, “Take My Hand” is about the importance of people in the art community; from teachers, curators, gallery owners, and civic/community entities to continue to extend a hand and embrace the importance art plays in our daily lives. This exhibit is exactly about that; it features students who have been nurtured by their teachers and peers and given the opportunity to exhibit in a unique circumstance by a civic community that finds real value in the arts.